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In Love with Tea Tree Soap


I don’t know about you but since I’ve been coming of “age” I’ve had more of a challenge with my skin than even during my teen years!  I don’t know what it is, the hormones….change in makeup regiment…lack of consistency with my skincare???  Most likely hormones – looks like I’m winding down…anyway…My face had been breaking out periodically for years so like many others I went through a series of skin care products from the boutique high-end organic brands to mail order products and of course common drug store remedies.  I eventually decided to make myself a batch of tea tree soap for acne and give it a try  – and it worked!

tea tree soap for acne by Bubs and Scrubs


That’s because tea tree essential oil is the most awesome oil EVER!  (I tend to exaggerate – but in all seriousness – it’s a mighty natural remedy.)   It’s worked for many of my customers too so I know it’s the real deal.  For me…my routine is to wash my face with the soap first thing in the morning and at night.  I use a facial brush, work up a lather on the bar, wash my face with the brush and rinse with warm water.  The only other step for me was to use a little of my coconut milk lotion on my face and that’s it!  I honestly should probably do a bit more and recently I’ve started using organic apple cider vinegar as a toner.  The vinegar doesn’t smell so great and it stings just a little but I’m trying it out to fade out some brown spots (say no to the sun young people!)  The bottom line though – my tea tree soap really worked to finally clear up my skin.   The bar I use for my face is lasting a really long time – two months at least so it’s a good value too.

So why did my soap work better?  I think it’s because of the amount of pure tea tree essential oil I put into the product.  You can really smell it – tea tree has a strong medicinal smell that I don’t find off-putting at all although I know some folks don’t like it.  Many of my customers use it for their body and face with great results.  It’s my #1 selling bar because it’s so effective.   I used to offer two different bars – one for the face and one for the body but I’ve found it really doesn’t matter.  So I’m combining all the ingredients into an ultra-blemish-fighting bar which includes tea tree oil, some lavender essential oil, neem powder, and bentonite clay.  I’m also going to hand-mill this particular bar so the additives retain more of their beneficial properties.

So why tea tree soap?

First, tea tree essential oil is one of the strongest all natural antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal essential oils known to man.  Acne typically forms when your pores or hair follicles become clogged with dead skin, excess oil, and let’s not forget dirt!  When these nasties get stuck, the clogged pore can become infected and now you have a blemish.  The strong dose of tea tree oil combined with a very mild all natural soap is the right combination to gently cleanse away the grime and disinfect the skin at the same time.   If you’re already suffering from a breakout, this should stop it and begin to heal your skin.  Use it repeatedly to prevent breakouts.   If I don’t say so myself,  my skin has been positively radiant ever since I ditched the store brands and went the natural route.  And don’t be put off by the word “soap” – our bars are super mild as they’re made from good-for-your-skin oils like olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil.   These are so much better for you than the detergents and surfactants masquerading as facial and body washes.

Below are some of our tea tree soaps available here.  We created our first tea tree soap for acne prone skin using toxin absorbing clays and other anti-bacterial ingredients like rosemary and neem powder.  It’s been a hit for me personally and a good number of our customers.  All of that being said – everyone is different so you have to test this sort of thing out.

Do some “Googling” about tea tree essential oil and you’ll learn more ; maintaining healthy skin is just one of its many benefits.



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    hi do you ship in melbourne australia?
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